Achieve incredible productivity and compliance outcomes by connecting two innovative broker platforms

Posted by Phillip Djukanovic on Jun 7, 2019 4:00:01 PM

Achieve incredible productivity and compliance outcomes by connecting two innovative broker platforms

Verifications, checks, compliance… it isn’t a secret that the broker workload is becoming increasingly onerous. Added to this is the growing pressure to continually improve deal velocity while upholding responsible lending and compliance obligations.

The changing lending landscape

Traditional broker processes are quickly becoming redundant with financial technology gaining rapid traction in Australia and New Zealand. It is no longer necessary to wait days for customers to submit their bank statements manually only to find they’ve sent the wrong accounts or the wrong periods. With the lending landscape becoming more competitive and more difficult to navigate, likewise, tracking loans manually in spreadsheets is a huge time-waster for brokers who are becoming increasingly time-poor.

Save hours using broker technology

As technology continues to solve traditional financial problems by automating processes, brokers are fast becoming technology savvy to take advantage of platforms and tools that help them close deals faster while providing a better customer experience for their clients.

Two of these tools help brokers get more done, faster. illion BankStatements and Salestrekker compress the loan application process - and all the necessary back-and-forth client communication - into just a few clicks!

One of the biggest frustrations that brokers face is obtaining bank statements from their clients. BankStatements, from illion Open Data Solutions, removes the friction from retrieving statements, delivering them to a broker in seconds and providing a better customer experience for both the broker and their clients. BankStatements also simplifies the income and expense verification process, helping brokers meet their responsible lending obligations to verify key financial information.

Salestrekker is a cutting-edge CRM tailored for finance brokers, allowing end-to-end compliance flow, excellent data management and powerful loan tracking and loan writing capabilities. Flexible and customisable - along with the usual CRM features for tracking deals, contacts and updates - Salestrekker provides an easy-to-follow Client Portal where a broker’s clients can access and input all the Fact Find details and directly upload all required documents to the CRM. Salestrekker’s design offers seamless data flow from the client to bank lodgement, saving hours for brokers providing home loans, equipment and commercial finance.

A dynamic duo for closing deals faster

By integrating both of these powerful tools, a broker can send a customisable automated email from within Salestrekker to their clients, which includes a link that launches the BankStatements service, providing them with a fast and simple submission process. Once the client completes the statement submission process, all the documents retrieved from their online bank accounts are automatically loaded into Salestrekker and categorised living expenses are automatically mapped inside the Client Profile.

The illion BankStatements and Salestrekker integration includes some powerful features. It also allows the BankStatements process to be initialised while using Salestrekker’s built-in video conferencing functionality. Brokers can easily launch the BankStatements service while video interviewing a remote client and the client will be able to submit their bank statements directly into the Salestrekker platform while they’re talking to the broker!

Experience a live demo

Connecting BankStatements with Salestrekker is super easy. Just flip the integration switch within Salestrekker’s settings and enter the BankStatements authentication code. Voila, it’s that simple. Stop wasting time chasing clients for statements and manually tracking deals. Let this powerful duo do the work!

To experience the illion BankStatements integration with Salestrekker and to explore further possibilities, book a dedicated online demo. Salestrekker offers 60-day free trial, onboarding assistance and 5am-12pm highly responsive and efficient live chat support.

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