Talent, Form & Credit Score the Keys to Premiership Success

Posted by David Kemp on Sep 27, 2018 5:16:43 PM

AFL Grand Final

Forget the odds – West Coast is tipped to claim the premiership this weekend if history is anything to go by, according to data and analytics company illion.

illion conducted some AFL inspired data analysis in the lead up to the Grand Final. We found that AFL teams fighting for the premiership whose home ground has the higher credit rating are more likely to win.
Of the teams that made the Grand Final over the past 10 years, the team with the higher credit rating has won the premiership on seven occasions.

“If this weekend’s premiership goes the way the majority of flags in the past 10 years have, I’d be putting my money on West Coast to take the win,” said illion CEO Simon Bligh.

Perth has a median credit rating of 817, in comparison to Collingwood’s mean credit rating of 799.

A rating between zero and 1,000, a credit score indicates a person’s likelihood of paying bills on time, influencing a financial institution or service provider’s offer or inclination to provide an applicant with a line of credit.
Most Australians (41 per cent) have a ‘good’ credit score between 700 and 799. Almost one-quarter (23 per cent) have an average rating between 500 and 699, and just over one-fifth (22 per cent) of Aussies have an excellent rating of 800-999.


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